1 of Us is committed to providing assistance that directly impacts the lives of women who are undergoing breast and other gynecological cancers.

1 of Us was born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina with a mission of helping women undergoing cancer treatment. Backed by a grass roots community of givers, 1 of Us was founded as 1 in 9 in 2010 to provide financial support for women undergoing breast cancer treatment. After assisting nearly 1000 patients, the mission of this organization was expanded to assisting women being treated for all gynecological cancers. 1 of Us is proud to partner with UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Rex Hospital in Raleigh, North Carolina and Vidant Medical Center in Greenville, North Carolina, to reach these patients. We are even prouder to continue to provide all that support through the generosity of local businesses and individual donors.

We Are One Of Us

1 in 9, now 1 of Us, was born during Stephanie’s battle with breast cancer. When she was diagnosed, her three children were small, and she was blessed to be blanketed in the support of her family, friends and church. It was during her own cancer treatment at UNC Hospitals that Stephanie and her husband became aware that not every patient was blessed with such a support system. So the Beguelins and a few close friends poured their hearts and hands into creating a non-profit that would assist other breast cancer patients in financial crisis. Stephanie is a cancer survivor who is on the front line of 1 of Us every single day overseeing the entire operation. From new businesses coming on board with donations, to new patients being referred, to the design of gala invitations, Stephanie is the force behind 1 of Us.

Born and raised in Raleigh, Nesha is a true native. She graduated from UNC Wilmington with a BS in Business Management and Marketing, and returned to the Capital City to join her family business where she worked for 10 years. During that time she had the opportunity to work with her father, Wayne Bartholomew, and share his passion for fundraising and golf tournaments. In 2015 she was honored to chair A Pink Tie Affair Gala and completely fell in love with all that 1in9, now 1 of Us, does in the community. After the gala she joined the team to support Community Outreach and is looking forward to helping the organization grow throughout North Carolina. Nesha is happily married to her husband Thorne, and they have two young boys who keep them crazy busy along with their pet Lab, Jedi.

After spending several years working in the healthcare system taking care of patients in Emergency Rooms and Intensive Care, Liz began with 1in9 as a volunteer and it rapidly turned into her passion.  Liz was there at the beginning, taking care of the very first patient 1 in 9, now 1 of Us, ever assisted. That was when she realized that helping women through their cancer journeys was what she wanted to do. Liz moved from volunteer into a fundraising role seeking out donors and helping to manage fundraising events. Liz has never met anyone in the corporate world that she wouldn’t approach to explain the mission of 1 of Us, and ask for their financial support. Liz is committed to the women who need the guidance and assistance of 1 of Us, and ensures that the money continues to come in to fund the need.

Blessed with razor-sharp organizational skills and the biggest heart imaginable, Tammy is the face of 1 of Us to our patients. She escorts patients to treatment, holds their hands during chemotherapy, entertains their children when needed, knocks on their doors to see how things are going and picks up the phone when she senses they could use a friend. She works closely with our hospital partners to make sure that the cancer patients who need financial assistance from 1 of Us are identified and served. Tammy and her husband Michael have two children and they live a life that is largely guided by their faith.

Tanya is the person the 1 of Us team turns to without fail when there is a big project on the horizon. Armed with spreadsheets and data, Tanya cuts right to the chase and figures  out the best way to get things done.  Tanya is a Certified Project Manager at her day job, but it is her close relationship with Stephanie and Eric Beguelin, that leads her to devote countless hours to sharing her organizational talents with 1 of Us. Tanya has been the Race Director for three Pink Shamrock 5ks to benefit 1in9, now 1 of Us, but running isn’t her passion. She and her husband Bob can usually be found on the baseball field with their son’s team. Bob is the coach – and naturally, Tanya is the Team Manager.

Lindsay has a passion for volunteering and it shows in her role at 1 of Us.  Lindsay is willing to take on any task that is needed, from shining up those pink trash cans for their new owners to representing the team at cancer awareness events to training and guiding a small army of volunteers that assists with A Pink Tie Affair Gala.  Lindsay is generous with her time, quick with her smile and passionate about all the things that 1 of Us can do.